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 Our emperor is having babies??!!

Hello! My husband and I bought an emperor scorpion about 6 months ago from a pet store. She seems pretty active and healthy. Well, yesterday, I got home from work and noticed that she was out hours earlier than usual, and that she had a white thing on her back. At first I thought it was some sort of horrible parasite, but after I looked it up online, I realized that she had a baby! She has had 4 babies so far, and actually, the fifth (that I know of) is coming along as I type this. I have a few questions (sorry if they’ve been asked before; I looked and haven’t found them, but I may have missed them!):

1. Unfortunately, I know that at least 2 babies have been eaten. Is there a way to prevent that?
2. She had the baby on her back when I got home from work around 5:30 on Tues. It’s now midnight (technically Thursday morning) and like I said, she is still giving birth to them. How many days will this last? Is it supposed to be that slow? Is there anything we can do to make it easier on her and/or the babies?

Thanks so much for any help you can give me. This is our first mommy scorpion!

04/29/10  12:57am


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  Message To: TheWeeble   In reference to Message Id: 2144154

 Our emperor is having babies??!!

hi there,

First off, don’t panic!

Secondly, leave the mother alone to do her thing, disturbing will stress her out.
Make sure the enclosure has the needed humidity requirements, they are tropical scorpions
The mother eating the babies is more common than not, so don’t worry.
The birthing process can last from a few hours to days, so be patient.
The best thing to do is leave her alone, but make sure the enclosure fits her needs.
After about 7-10 days the babies will molt and come off her back.

Lastly, go to this forum:
and check it out!
it’s very very informative and user friendly
Use the Search function on the top half of the site.
I would search for "Emperor babies" or just look around in the "The Burrow In Ghana: Emperor Zone" for all things emperor scorpion :D
I’m H. laoticus on the forum, hope to see you there!

04/29/10  11:53pm


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  Message To: Dualll   In reference to Message Id: 2144363

 Our emperor is having babies??!!

I had precisely the same experience. I thought my scorpion was just molting but eventually I realized they were babies, probably at least 15 of them. I just left them alone. When they passed their first instar they did hop (or whatever) off their mother’s back and I started putting in more food. Now they have completed their second instar. I almost never see them, just the mom but the enclosure is riddled with tunnels. They seem healthy the few times I see them in a tunnel up against the glass. I think I still have about 10 of them left.

Here is a question for someone:
Neither the mother nor the babies seem particularly adept at capturing live prey. When I put crickets or roaches in the cage, they do not seem to get eaten. However, if I kill the crickets first and put them near the tunnel entrances, they are always gone in the morning. I assume they are being eaten. Do emperor scorpions scavenge dead insects? Can the babies feed on killed adult crickets after their second instar? Am I better off feeding live crickets and just letting them hunt?


05/27/10  04:29pm


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  Message To: Robby53   In reference to Message Id: 2150998

 Our emperor is having babies??!!

Hi there,

yes, you can definitely feed the young prekilled food. However, you can simply wound the cricket or behead it and feed them that way. I believe they do scavenge dead insects, but I have not seen this behavior in adults. And as for the babies, after 2i I would either feed them live or wounded crickets. You can watch them hunt, but that is up to preference. Some simply feed by tongs and it works fine. I let my adult do the hunting.

05/31/10  03:19am


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  Message To: Dualll   In reference to Message Id: 2151701

 Our emperor is having babies??!!

Thanks. I appreciate the advice. I find the wounding approach works best. By turning on the light briefly in the middle of the night I have seen the young scorpions scavenging although I do offer some live crickets in the cage as well. I believe the mother may scavenge also although she seems to prefer laying in wait with claws ready to ambush crickets that come by. They do not appear to be very efficient hunters but they seem healthy so I guess they get enough food.

06/01/10  05:08pm

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