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 How much did you pay for everything?

How much did you pay?
My mom said i can maybe get one if i payed for it and i have no pet stores where i live...
My friend said she would help me buy one due to me having no job... :P
So im woundering how much did your tank cost your food and heating pad, and scorpion, etc...

04/22/10  01:21pm


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 How much did you pay for everything?

I paid apx 45 with tax for everything. I paid 20 for my emp, 17 for a shallow 5 gallon plastic tank, and 5 for repti bark substrate. If you are starting off, you can make it cheaper by turning a ½in lid into a water bowl and keeping the crickets in a coffee container. Remember, they can eat through Styrofoam! Best bet, shop around.

09/17/10  09:08pm


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  Message To: Sirkutcore   In reference to Message Id: 2175954

 How much did you pay for everything?

For some of my scorpions I got for free and others at different prices, but normally you can get an emp for 15-20 bucks.

The tank you can find for $13 bucks at walmart and the mesh top you can buy for around 11 bucks at petco.
My infrared heat bulb cost about $7 bucks and the heat lamp cost me $13.
The substrate cost me about 11 dollars and I used a ceramic dish for the water dish which is a cheap $1.
If you live in a hot/warm area, you don’t need the heating source.
You will definitely need the coco-fiber though because they are a forest species and need it nice and moist.
Don’t use any bark chips for the substrate because they will eventually die from them.

The substrate cost me $11 because I bought 2 bricks of coco-fiber. I wanted a nice 5 inch layer of substrate for my scorpion to burrow in and that’s exactly what he did. The ceramic dish you can get at a gardening store. They’re those dishes you place ceramic pots on.

09/20/10  02:29am

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