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My emp scorp is molting for the first time after having her almost a year!!! How long does it usually take to molt and them harden and is there anything I should or shouldnt do? I have the red light on because I figure she will be cold. Is that good.. bad... ugly? Anyone with some suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

09/21/09  04:41pm


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  Message To: Mephistopheles   In reference to Message Id: 2074602


well i had an emp for 2 yrs now but it didnt molt because its an adult but u should just leave it alone and emps arent fans of light... but a under tank heat pad should do good, but its best to just not tuch the scorpion during the process... thats all i can give ya. i hope this helped u out...

09/21/09  10:31pm


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  Message To: Sorpionlova   In reference to Message Id: 2074795


Cool, wish I could see my scorp do that.

Anyways, the best thing to do is leave them alone. It may take them a few hours.
Im guessing you have an emperor scorpion, so this is what I would suggest:

The red light doesn’t harm them, but it may dry the air and decrease the humidity which is bad during a molt. Successful molts need high humidity levels so check if your substrate is moist to the touch and if it isn’t, pour some water onto the substrate to raise the humidity.

Obviously don’t try to feed it during this time, but take out all prey items because even crickets can harm scorpions when they have soft exoskeletons.

Once again, don’t bother the scorpion during this process, leave them alone for a day or two if you must.
Hope it molts successfully.

09/22/09  10:47pm


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  Message To: Dualll   In reference to Message Id: 2075171


how long does it usally take to molt... my female emp was molting when i opened her cave to see her she had only started and wasnt moving so im not shore if this is normal juring a molt or if she has died

the tank was not at its best temp and i hadnt checked her for 2 days before so i dont know how long she has been dead/molting for please help.

08/28/10  06:32am


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  Message To: Godilocks   In reference to Message Id: 2172039


Hey godilocks

If you know it’ll molt, it usually takes a few hours.
It might take a while for some, though.
Usually when emps molt, it’s best to keep their enclosure humid and warm.
This way they can shed their skin easily and not get into any problems.
Make sure she is on the right substrate, too. She should be on moist coco-fiber.
These are forest scorpions and need it humid and warm.

Please join
I am on the site as H. laoticus and there are a bunch of helpful members on there
see you soon!

09/10/10  07:46pm

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