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 Feeding and Molting questions.

Hi all, new to this place.

Bought these emps about two months ago. Only one of them has been feeding, the others(one young, and one that last night molted) have not eaten a thing since I got them!

Grubs burrow, crickets hide and are to fast to catch and I would try to hand feed if they would come out. What else can I do? Also, I picked the molting scorpion up when it was in the middle of a molt, could this have done damage? I quickly realized, made a burrow and placed it in then shut of the entrance off to protect it from other scorps.

I have searched the internet for weeks for information and my book is useless!

Help/advice MUCH appreciated!

10/31/04  10:05am


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 Feeding and Molting questions.

I haven’t got an emperor scorpian but I have got a flat rock scorpian and is doing the same. It also hasn’t eaten in about 3 weeks. I think I got it to eat by putting in an injured cricket or a dead cricket. My one just hides all day and then walks around with its claws out at night.
On the interent it says that it needs to hide while its skeleton hardens. It also says that it’s not uncommon for male emperor scorpians not to eat and you should take the food out and try again next week. One last thing it says is that they wont eat if shedding skin, or about to give birth. But I’m guessing that it’s because it’s shedding it’s skin.
And don’t forget that they are nocturnal so try to feed them at night.
I hope that helps!

11/06/04  4:48am

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