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Minos is my new are a few pics of him in his temporary set up until i can get him back make a long story short my sister made me choose between her in a snowbank or i send it home for my mother to care for right now its sitting at home being watched at by my mother...keep in mind it was in a 3 hour drive hence the tape in the third picture.

01/07/08  03:27pm


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  Message To: Nymphetaminion   In reference to Message Id: 1572636 new Emperor Scorpion

get rid of the wood chips and get potting soil. Make sure there is no pecdicides or manuwer in it..

01/10/08  10:47pm


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  Message To: B-Fish   In reference to Message Id: 1576150 new Emperor Scorpion

does it really make it a difference?and would ecoearth be ok for her?or would potting soil be the best substrate? would that be ok?

01/11/08  04:02pm

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