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 Desert species for 15gal?

what species could i keep in a 15 gal (i think 24x12)

i would prefer a desert species,
preferibly active (for a scorp),
possibly able to be housed with multiple in the 15
stings pray to kill (not with claws)
not lethal (want somethign that can pack a punch but that will not kill anybody- not including allergic reactions)
not super rare or expensive (under preferibly 75$)

i was thinking of somethign like desert hairy but i think i would like something more venomus and rare

11/20/07  07:05pm


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  Message To: Sean369   In reference to Message Id: 1521332

 Desert species for 15gal?

well if you ask me a desert hairy would be perfect for you. only thing is they will most likely kill each other. i live in nevada and i am always catching desert hairys. i have been stung many many times haha. here is a picture of three of mine

11/20/07  08:23pm


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  Message To: Pbcrazy187   In reference to Message Id: 1521408

 Desert species for 15gal?

how bad is the sting on those?
i heard just abit worse then a bee sting? true?

how active are they (move at all or just hide?)

right now for heat i plant to have a heat light on in the day with no heating at night (house is temerature controlled so it is never freezing cold or boiling hot)

the reason i like desert species is)
1) they look so much tougher then forests
2) easier setup
3) i find their apperence to be much nicer

how much would one guy eat weekly? and what types of food could i feed?
i have a bearded dragon so i usually have crickets, kingworms (breed own so have various sizes) and often go to lfs for other things like wax, silks,butter, horn... so i can pick up food often

got any setup pics or pics of their natural habitat?

and awsome looking scorps btw

11/20/07  10:17pm


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  Message To: Sean369   In reference to Message Id: 1521545

 Desert species for 15gal?

the sting is no worse than a bee sting.
mine seemed to move around alot.
i also have a emperor and a rusty thick tail.
your ways of heating should work just fine thats how i used to do it, and out here it is hot during the day but drops to around 60-70 at night.
i have herd uth are better but for my desert hairys i always use lights.
as for weekly feeding im not really sure they got crickets like 3 times a week. crickets is the only thing i ever fed mine. exept for one time i gave them a left over pinkie.
as for pictures here is a pic or their natural habitat.

this is where i found all three of those guys.

11/20/07  11:17pm

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