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 Humidity Problems!

I am having a huge problem with keeping my humidity up. No matter how much I spray or even completely re-saturate the substrate it is still staying too low. Most of the lid is covered with Press-n-Seal wrap, but what else can I do? Is regular plastic wrap better, and if so, is it better to wrap it around the whole lid or stick it down with tape?

One more thing, I remember reading the thread about how to pick up emps, but I donít exactly get how to "scoop" them up from the side. I would really like to do this since Iíve never handled my first emp and I just got another.

Any input is greatly appreciated.

New pics as soon as I remember to take them

11/14/07  12:38am


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  Message To: Prather06   In reference to Message Id: 1513382

 Humidity Problems!

Iím guessing you have it in a glass tank???
If so,and your not worried about looks,you should move to a plastic tub.....
Theyíre much easier to maintain.......

11/15/07  03:45pm


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  Message To: Tefoe   In reference to Message Id: 1514927

 Humidity Problems!

Also make sure your bulb is not too high of a wattage, I had the same problem... at first I kept my emp under a 75 wat light!!! now he is under a 15. The humidity stays great I barely have to mist. I also have saran wrap covering the top of the lid, I taped it down with good tape(high humidity and water will cause the tape to come off.) and I havent had any problems. I fan air in every once and a while (twice a day) by opening the lid quickly. Hope I helped.

11/24/07  09:05pm

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