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Job For A Cowboy
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 Ok, so i need my research....this is a start

My mom said to me i could get a scorpion and i was like happy and everything. So iím starting to do my research and just wanna ask you guys first about what is the best begginer scorpion. I think it could be the Emperor as i have read in several posts?

Also, my grandad used to keep hundreds of scorpions years back and is it true you canít have two together?

I wouldnít mind also knowing what substrate is best to use and maybe pics of a setup? :D

Oh and i live in England if that makes any difference?

:D thanks alot

10/12/07  08:27am


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  Message To: Job For A Cowboy   In reference to Message Id: 1475913

 Ok, so i need my research....this is a start

Okay Well yes you are write the Emperor Scorpion is the beginner scorpion. No it is not true that you canít house two empereor scorpions together but there is a risk if there both boys they could fight to the death but the pet stores always keep there boys and girls together and the risk of having a boy and a girl is oviously they will breed. If it is a girl and girl then there is no problem. the best substrate is Potting Soil (not in pet stores) the other best thing IN pet stores is Canadian spahgnum Petmoss. Becuase they like to burrow you need something that will keep its shape. sexing

10/12/07  05:49pm

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