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My Emp has been hiding in her burrow for almost two weeks now. Normally she is active at nights but lately I have not seen her come out. She is still eating apparently due to missing crickets, but I am worried. I had to check and make sure she was still alive the other day. She is alive.. but didnt like being touched in her burrow. All this started around the time the weather/days started changing. I was wondering if Emps are known to hide more in the colder climate seasons. I also noticed she was getting fatter and wonder if she may be preggers. Any ideas? She gets natural sunlight from the window and redlight at nights. Please help if you can.


10/08/07  08:12pm


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She shouldn’t be in a place where its too bright,they are nocturnal.....
And the weather outside shouldn’t affect her because if your house drops below 80 she should have a heat source....

Has she been with a male?

Make sure her setup is proper,but other then that,there isn’t a reason to worry if shes in her burrow....

10/08/07  10:17pm

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