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I would like to get a emperor scorpion maybe in a day or two i have done the research but need a little information on handling them so if you have any tips or how to do this pleace tell me.
Thanks you very much

09/21/07  09:44pm


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Hello! I havenít handled mine very much but this forum seems slow lately so I decided to answer you...
Iíd wait for a week or two for him/her to get settled in before you handle it.
They can be handled occasionally, but not too much because theyíll get stressed and die! I handle mine around once a week.

I highly recommend you to not lift them by the tail. It stresses them out and might harm them. (Just think about how you would feel if someone picked you up by your tail [if you have one] and slung you around.)

Iíve heard that the best way is to scoop them up from behind, but every time I try with mine he turns around so I canít really catch him.

(What I do is I get him to crawl on a sheet of cardboard or something, and use it as a little elevator thing and GENTLY slide him onto my hand,. I donít think anyone else does this though)

*Remember Iíve only had mine for 3 1/2 months or so, so someone else may be able to tell you better.*

Enjoy you Emp!!!

(Anyone please correct me or add anything that Iíve missed or left out)

09/22/07  01:46pm


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09/22/07  02:23pm

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