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 Flies in scorpion cage

There are a bunch of very small black fly like things flying around my scorpion cage. They are about the size of a pin tip at max. What are they and where are they coming from??

08/13/07  05:36pm


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  Message To: THEANIMAL250   In reference to Message Id: 1401893

 Flies in scorpion cage

My guess is that they are fruit flies. This problem is often seen when dead prey or remains is left from the scorpions meals. Remove any signs of dead bugs, and if it continues change the substrate and wash the inclosure.

08/23/07  11:33pm


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  Message To: Cr4nk   In reference to Message Id: 1416866

 Flies in scorpion cage

Sounds to me like Phorid flies. If you have an Emp scorpion these things usually appear in hot humid conditions.


08/25/07  05:57pm

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