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OK, I know that I need to give my Emp water. But what size water dish do I need? I know to keep it shallow enough for them not to drown and have an easy walk way out. The one the guy sold my brother when he bought it for me is little... not even the size of Mephs abdomen, which is about 2.5 inches not counting the pincherís or tail. And I read that they like to basically soak sometimes. Iím not sure how Emps drink... do they sip use the appendages? Someone please help me out here... I still cant get her to eat but I have only had her 2 and a half days, so she might not be hungry. But I want to make sure she can drink. Also, I read to spray the tank with water, how often... just enough for humidity? Because thatís what I have been doing. One off the topic question... Is it true that Emps are scavengers also? Could I put in some dead food, or maybe "gimped" food in case she is still not used to her surroundings? I did get her from a traveling Reptile convention... maybe she is just still nervous?

Please Help me here...

Thanks, J.

08/01/07  12:40am


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If She is a Baby, then YES, definatley give Her "gimped" food. Pull the legs off the Crix, cut the heads off of the Superworms. When mine were still tiny, I was crushing the heads of the Crix. Even when the Mama was still feeding them. I was SO scared a Cricket would get away from Her and chew on a tiny baby. From what I`ve noticed, Emps only drink if they are dehydrated. When I first got mine, they `d sit in the water and drink for long periods of time. But, Now that I keep their humidity level constant and above 80%, I never see them in the water dish. Since yours is small, use a VERY shallow dish and put some rocks in it, so She can climb out easily. Rayna :-)

08/01/07  08:14am

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