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 Oops.... I was under wrong name

OK, My scorp finally quit hiding, but is now cuddled up near the only UTH that I have, and that was donated by my mom cause her lizards. Poor Meph is cold (Meph is Mephistopheles, my gorgeous Emp). Now At the moment I donít have the money to buy another heat pad cause I just got out of the hospital and this was a surprise. Is there anything I can do to help warm the tank on the warm side? I have a lamp with a 50 watt "day light" but I donít know if that will warm, or bother the Emp. Its only for a few days so I need a temp fix. I just moved so I cant even find my "human" heating pads... I DONíT WANT HER TO SUFFER!!! Please help! She is too pretty to hurt!

Thanks, J.

07/29/07  08:57pm

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