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 Please help a newbie, again!!

OK, My scorp finally quit hiding, but is now cuddled up near the only UTH that I have, and that was donated by my mom cause her lizards. Poor Meph is cold (Meph is Mephistopheles, my gorgeous Emp). Now At the moment I donít have the money to buy another heat pad cause I just got out of the hospital and this was a surprise. Is there anything I can do to help warm the tank on the warm side? I have a lamp with a 50 watt "day light" but I donít know if that will warm, or bother the Emp. Its only for a few days so I need a temp fix. I just moved so I cant even find my "human" heating pads... I DONíT WANT HER TO SUFFER!!! Please help! She is too pretty to hurt!

Thanks, J.

07/29/07  08:43pm


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 Please help a newbie, again!!

One thing that you could do is move her hide over to the uth. The hide will retain more heat then the open area. Also you could dig out or lower some of the substrate near the uth. By doing that the emp will be closer to the uth and be warmer. Dont get it too close cause you can cook Meph.Other than that I suppose you could try to get the lamp closer but that is all I could think of. Hope I helped, good luck.

07/30/07  01:21am

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