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 Iím a newbie & needs help

hi there everyone, first of all i like to say this site & forum rocks!!! Well iím from philippines & i started researching about scorpions 2 weeks ago and iíd really love them (also suits our humidity) so i bought 2 little ASIAN FORREST scorplets last saturday about this size
(scorplet with philippine peso coin in a plastic cup)

born May 13, 2007, so they are 1 month 3 weeks. please add more Information on how i can take care this 2 scorplets..
like: (@1month & 3weeks old)
*whatís their mood?
*whatís their appetite? (meal every days, week or month) & (appetite before & after molting)
*how many molting stages? (from 1st molt, how many day/week(s) to go for the next molt?)
*Terraruim setup (composure of soil, rock)

Thanks!!! This will help a lot & will serve as one of my reference too, not only for me but also for those beginners too...
"More power to all Scorpion Rocks!!! "

07/04/07  11:35pm

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