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 New member - first Scorpion!

Hi all. My names TG, and Iím from UK. Just thought I would join a site that helped with Scorpys...

Anyway, went ahead and bought myself what Iíve wanted for years - Scorpion! Its an Emperor, small tank, wood, substrate, bowl and crickets - all for £24 (about $48)! Now I just got a few little questions....

1) Will it need heating? At the moment, the UK is quite warm. The guy in the shop said room temperature is fine but...

2) I got crickets for him (or her - I ainít checking! lol) but what else do they eat? Do they eat anything not-alive?

3) Can they co-exist peacefully?

4) Can they actually climb glass?

5) Average Life-Span?

6) Can you actually handle it (not as to cuddle it) without it stinging you?

At the moment, the tank isnít that great. Plenty of room for but Iíll get a better one once I got some more money. Iím quite please I got it but I want to make sure I keep it properly so any help is appreciated!

BTW, its name is Scorpius.



06/14/07  08:45pm


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  Message To: Docanthrax   In reference to Message Id: 1318850

 New member - first Scorpion!

Congrats on your Scorp! Emps need a tropical environment. Heat at 80-95F (27-35C) and Humidity at or above 80%. I use a UTH but on the side of the tank, not the bottom for heat.They love to burrow, so You need 4-6 inches (10.16-15.24 cm) substrate that lends itself to burrowing.
Yes, Emps will live communally as long as they have enough space, food and hides. Don`t overcrowd them, tho. You could keep 2 Emps. in a 10 gallon tank. No. They can`t climb glass, but they can climb whatever decorations You put in the tank. You can usually handle an Emp w/o getting stung, but You may get pinched. Emperors retreat first, then fight with their pincers, and they sting as a last resort. If You don`t harrass your Scorp, You will probably never get stung. Emps. can live 6-10 years. Rayna :-)

06/15/07  06:45pm


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  Message To: Faery   In reference to Message Id: 1320113

 New member - first Scorpion!

Thanks very much. Iíll need to go and buy a heat mat now. Temperature is quite high at the moment, but itíll get colder soon. I got the right amount of substrate in, and even better I think heís eaten as well. Well, I think once I get my bigger tank, Iíll get another Scorpy. Donít want it to be lonely now...

Thanks again!

06/15/07  08:36pm


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  Message To: Docanthrax   In reference to Message Id: 1320229

 New member - first Scorpion!

Well I went out, bought more substrate and a heat mat yesterday. Seems much happier now. Canít say I blame him though - recently changed rooms in the house. Now my new room is flipping freezing. lol. The only problem Iíve had so far is catching the crickets to put them in - I really donít like touching bugs! So I think Iíll buy some grubs and mealworms and make him work for his dinner. I will post Pics soon!

06/17/07  05:32am

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