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 Potential emp. owner

Recently I have taken an interest in owning an Emperor scorpion and I have read all of the care sheets on this site and others along with several forums on this site.

First of all, I was wanting to know the general opinion of what is the best substrate to keep them in.

Second, would it be better to get two or just start with one? I was planning on keeping it in a 20 gal. long tank because that is what I have empty.

Speaking of tanks, my third question is do I need a locking/snapping lid? I have a screen lid that hinges in the middle but I donít remember it snapping shut. Would this be sufficient?

What should go into breeding my own crickets? Would one of the small plastic containers work? And what type of food is best?

Lastly (for now), my biggest problem is my mom. I am a freshman in college and still live at home but I plan on bringing the scorpion back to school with me in the fall. How can I show my mom that everything will be ok with an emp. in the house and a container full of crickets somewhere? I told her that they are easy to care for, but what else should I mention?

Any replies are welcome and appreciated greatly.

Wish me luck in my emp adventure!

05/23/07  05:04pm


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 Potential emp. owner

Hey there!

I use a type of substrate called "jungle bed." You can probably pick it up at most pet stores. Itís relatively cheap, but gets the job done! Throw some small twigs in there and youíre good to go. ;)

I would personally start out with one, but if you intend to get two make sure to give them plenty of food, space and hiding places. I use a 10 gallon tank for each one of my emps. I give mine 3-4 spots per scorpion. Thatís just a personal preference, and Iím sure that many would disagree.

To be safe, I would go with something that snaps into place (not that the emperor would hurt you, but someone could step on it if it were to escape). You really donít want something that isnít solid as it wonít trap in moisture thus causing a lower humidity level (emps LOVE humidity).

You can actually pick up a decent cricket dwelling for around 20 bucks. The size of the crickets depend on the size of your scorp. Mine is a full grown adult so I feed him large pinhead crickets, and the occasional meal worm.

You might want to inform your mother that the emperor scorpion is a very docile creature. Even if it does sting you, the chance of you having any severe reaction to the venom is very minimal. Youíre more likely to get hurt by a cat or dog. Thatís what makes the P. Imperator such a great pet.

05/30/07  12:37pm


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  Message To: DBieniek   In reference to Message Id: 1299029

 Potential emp. owner

I would have to say after breeding countless sets of emps. before moving to other kinds that I got ahold of, I would agree with DB but I would say just get 20 crickets a month per scorpion untill you have five or more scorpions. I say that because of your situation only, if you had free roam of the house...OH MAN! Ahh anyway breeding crix is easy but not really worth it untill the cost of crix out weighs the breeding cost. That being said the amount of time it takes to set it up, you could be at work making the money to buy more crix than you need. Although If you buy 20 pin heads and keep em in a critter carrier by the time you use all of íem they will breed in the holder.
Get a lid that is 50-70% solid for humidity, it doesnít have to lock but keep the glass near the top real clean so he cant get out.

05/30/07  10:37pm

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