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 URGENT: Emp babies dying :(

i got my first two emperor scorpion in august 2006, both female. a few months ago they both began to blow up like balloons... and they both had babies last week! the first thing i did was buy another aquarium and heating system so i could separate the two.

the one mother seems to be taking excellent care of her scorplings, but the other mother just isnít cutting it. i never see crushed up food for the babies, and she hasnít left her hut in days. five of her babies began to molt a few days ago, so i have been paying close attention to make sure they have enough food, water, and humidity. i just looked in the aquarium and all five of the molted babies were dead. iím heart broken :(

am i doing something wrong? is the mother sick or dying and unable to care for them? what should i do with the other babies when they start to molt?

please help... i canít handle anymore deaths!

05/13/07  03:42am

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