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 First timer with a baby scorpion...

Hey everybody...I guess Iíll introduce myself first. Yous can call me BlackWinterMetal on here, Iím a 21 year old metalhead Forest Science major. I just got into pets such as scorpions about 3 months ago, when I got a Chilean Rose spider. Iíve got it in a sweet tank and itís doing good.

Just this weekend though, a friend of a friend has an Emperor scorpion that had babies. My friend hooked me up and I got one for free. Itís nine months old, Iím told, and pretty fiesty. Iíve been reading up on care for it, but have a few questions and just stumbled upon this site.

Iíve been reading that babies are very susceptable to injury or death while theyíre motling, due to being smaller and more fragile, and also that sufficient humidity will help prevent this. My question is, how true is this? Iím worried I wonít be able to get the humidity up to where it should be and I donít have a gauge to check. It might be a few weeks until I have a chance to get one. My set up is like this:

In a sizable plastic container with some substrate from my tarantula tank. This I have a little damp, but itís kind of cool. I have a couple leaves in there as well as a bottlecap of water. I just put a small heating pad underneath it. However, this used to be a fish tank, and the top has many slits in it. Iím afraid it wonít hold the humidity.

What do you all think?

Also, I canít find any info on how often babies molt?

By the way, this seems like a cool place. Hopefully Iíll be around alot.

05/07/07  04:37pm


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 First timer with a baby scorpion...

I wanted to add, the little scorp has been in his defense posture for at least a half hour now, just kind of hanging out in a corner. I put him in a dark corner of my desk, and heís not facing me anymore. Is it normal for them to be defesive that long?

Iím worried heís too stressed over the move, seperation from his mama, and me fixing things with the tank.

05/07/07  05:21pm


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  Message To: BlackWinterMetral   In reference to Message Id: 1273352

 First timer with a baby scorpion...

Scorplings are not really any more difficult to care for than their adult counterparts. Yes, for P. imperator you do want to provide them with a rain forest type enviroment. At the end of this post Iíll give you some links you can check out on various scorpion set ups, including ones for imps. as well as a nifty little way to help maintain high humidity levels for your scorpion. You donít really *need* gauges, but if you want to get one, get either a good quality digital or, better yet, get one of the eletronic hand held types that are used to measure snake enviroments. Those stick on things donít work for crap so donít waste your money. The effect youíre shooting for with imps is to have a sauna. If, when you put your hand or face at the top of the container (with the lid off of course), it should feel warm and humid and should have an earthy smell, but not stale. You do want good ventilation so little gnats, mites and florid flies donít decide to make it their home as well. On that note....expect it from time to time because, if you keep high humidity inverts long enough, itís going to happen. So, for future refference, if you notice little flies, gnats or mites, let the container dry out and the little pests will die. It wonít hurt the scorpion any to have a dry enviroment for a few days, just keep the water dish clean and full.

OK, on to your particular questions and such:
First, you donít want to put substrate from your G. roseaís tank into any other invertís container. That can cause a whole host of problems. For imps (and rosea as well) plain oleí spaghnum peat moss works great as a substrate. It will hold moisture well for the scorpion and will also stay good and dry for your rosea.
You will want to provide the scorpion with enough substrate for it to burrow in...about 2 inches if the scorpion its self is smaller than 2 inches from claw to tail. Yes, scorpions, as well as tarantulas, are more fragile during and right after molting and yes, elevating the humidity just a bit will generally help to elevate any potental molting difficulties.
A heating pad is not necessary and should not be used for such a small scorpion. Just FYI, when using UTHs for inverts, be they tarantulas or scorpions, put them on the side of the container, never on the bottom as inverts will burrow down to escape the heat and if the bulk of the heat is at the bottom, they will fry.

To help keep heat and RH up in small containers, mist the substrate with very warm water, trying to aviod getting the scorpion wet. The link I will provide that shows how to make a false bottom for elevating humidity is really only effective for larger containers.

Re-reading over your post, I see you are using a former fish tank? Are you using the whole tank or do you have a smaller container inside the tank? If you are using the whole tank, thatís too large for a scorpling. A small to medium size kritter keeper would be better, or, one of those Glad food storage boxes. Also, bear in mind, plastic holds heat by far better than glass does.

As far as it being deffensive, yes, thatís pretty normal, especially for the little ones...they have to prove they are bad smileyes ya know. I would expect that it is indeed a bit stressed out from the move, but, give it a little hide or two to sneak into and it should settle down more quickly. Just out of curosity, did the scorpion molt at least once before you got it and was it already off its motherís back? It will be stressed out for a while, but give it time and it will settle down. Just a word of advice, donít put anything in the scorpionís container that it can climb on and reach the lid.

P. imperator are generally slow growing scorpions, however, the sílings do molt more frequently. Typically, on a steady diet of one prey item per week, sílings will molt about every 4 to 8 weeks. As they get larger, that time frame will lengthen of course.

This link has many different container set ups in it for species other than imps. This is a pretty big thread so, when you have the time, browse through it. It can give you endless ideas on ways you can deck out a scorpionís container. However, the pictures you see of sand being used as substrate, thatís *only* for desert scorpions, not rainforest scorpions. Oh and no, the plants (and cactus) in the various pictures are not real. If using greenery, always use artificial....itís just easier.
Scorpion Enclosures
As with the first link, this link provides informatioin on many different scorpion species, including P. imperator.
Scorpion caresheets
Self explanitory :)
Raising Pandinus & Heterometrus babies
As for the false bottoms (for humidity) youíll find that in the scorpion enclosure thread in post #11. The main thing to keep in mind if, at some point in time you want to do that, make sure you pipe is tall enough that the scorpion *can not* climb into it or it will get stuck and could drown rather quickly.

05/08/07  03:11pm


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  Message To: Dmetz   In reference to Message Id: 1274490

 First timer with a baby scorpion...

Thanks for the response, lotta good info pertaining to my guy in there. Thanks. Hereís an update....

When I said old fishtank, I meant a small, square plastic goldfish deal. Itís not very large...actually, with him in it itís a great size imo. Iíve been using a small heat pad on the side, but not constantly....once temps and humidity get up I turn it off. So far for a few hours in the morning, then itís good for the day.

The little guy just caught and ate his first cricket yesterday. It was quite the chase! He seemed so proud when he snagged it. Really went to town on it. Hasnít done any burrowing yet though.

05/09/07  10:24am

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