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 Weird behavior/Fear Factor

okay 2 things. first one is my emperor is acting kind of weird. it hasnt been out of its cave in like a month and for the past like 4 days its been out walking around and today its been out all day just sitting in the same spot. im thinking its sitting there because the spot is right under the heat lamp so its just getting warmed up or something. the second thing is has anyone ever seen the show fear factor? they have emperors on there every now and then and they get thrown around, blended up, and a bunch of other stuff. am i the only one that thinks thats not right?

04/16/07  01:19am


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  Message To: Mike17844   In reference to Message Id: 1248293

 No Thatís not right

It bugs me too how these people can not care for the lives of the critters we like. All for raitings.

04/21/07  06:42pm

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