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Tyrannosaurus Titan
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 Scorpion or Tarantula?

I was wondering: Which pet should I get? They seem the same difficulty (Emperor Scorpion or Rose Tarantula to be specific) So which should I get?

Also, sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

Also, Iím new!

04/14/07  05:40pm


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  Message To: Tyrannosaurus Titan   In reference to Message Id: 1246312

 Scorpion or Tarantula?

The rose hair is more active and needs less humidity. I would honestly suggest the rose.

04/14/07  08:50pm


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  Message To: N2t   In reference to Message Id: 1246514

 Scorpion or Tarantula?

an emperor seems to be more fun than a rose hair, i just the love the way how people freak out when they see a scorpion, but it is true that rose hairs are easier to care for, but an emperor scropion is always a rewarding pet

05/02/07  07:00pm

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