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I just tried to pick up my scorpion tonight and he pinched my finger tip, lol!!!
It didn’t hurt at all, but, I am surprised at how hard they can pinch, especially since my Emperor is only about 3 and a half inches(which is still young).
Anyways, yea.. this is just a random topic, lol, oh, did anyone else get pinched?
It seems Emperor scorpions are hard to get to sting you, so im glad I got my finger pinched than stung, hehe.

08/18/04  3:55am


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Yeah that is funny. I got a Desert Hairy scorpion that is about 2 1/2 inches long and I tried to pick him up the other night, and got stung on my wrist by it.. It made me very sick and was horrible.. lol. But they do hurt when they pinch too...

09/01/04  3:45pm

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