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 Cant catch em...

i bought an emp last tues. he did catch the criket i put in his cage on thurs. i put another in sun. i woke to the crick happy and alive so i took it out and put it back in on mon. same situation again today. jus wonderin if there is anything i should do to ensure my emp eats. any insight would help. thx

02/06/07  07:01pm


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 Cant catch em...

if you thing that its not eating then you could just hand feed it. but if you donít wanna do that just rip the crickets back legs off so it canít move then fed it to yer scorpion. good luck.

02/06/07  07:16pm


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  Message To: Rarbudda   In reference to Message Id: 1163581

 Cant catch em...

If you have a healthy emperor scorpion donít worry about him not eating..

as long as he has water and the proper heating he will eat when ready.

scorpions have a slow metabolism so just give them time.

if he doesnt eat when you put a cricket in there every other day just feed him every 3 days or every 4 days.

eventually you will get down your scorpionís eating habitis.

Scorpions and tarantulas are both in the arachnid family. so some of their habits are the same.

their feeding habits are GENERALLY the same. So if a spider doesnt want to eat then a scorpion may not want to eat either just because a scorpion has a low metabolism and some tarantulas eyes are bigger than their stomachs so they fast after eating just 2 crickets.

so in conclusion just feed your scorpion every 3-4 days. Most scorpions are ambush predators so they lie and wait for their food to get directly in front of them then they grab it.

This isnt the same with all scorpions some will actively hunt for their food.

so what you can do is feed your scorpion after you know it ate, do not try to feed it again until it comes out of the hide.

if it comes out of the hide then this could mean that since food wonít come to him, heíll go to the food then you can throw a cricket in there for an overnight stay.

Just know one thing when you feed your scorpion a bigger meal (say a 2 week old fuzzy mouse compared to a cricket) the bigger the meal the longer it will fast because it does have a slow metabolism as iíve said before)

I feed my scorpions and if they dont eat the crickets i put in there over night i dont bother them for another 4 - 5 days and then i try again. also..Scorpion feces ( I dont know the scientific name for it) is white so since your substrate is probably brown / black you can spot where he went to the bathroom and then you can feed again.

this is just how i go about things you can try it my way and let me know how it goes.

02/06/07  08:39pm

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