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 My emp just died!

I came home from town tonight and my emperor is dying. I have it on cypress mulch. The humidity stays in the 80-100 level at all times. Its temperatures range from 72 at night to 85 or so during the warm part of the day. I haven’t ever used calcium supplements or anything like that. Ive fed it only super worms and never tried crickets or mice but it ate quite a bit and was really active and quick up until tonight. Any ideas as to why it would be acting as if it is intoxicated and doesn’t know up from down etc?

01/23/07  10:14pm


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  Message To: CobraVenom   In reference to Message Id: 1145294

 My emp just died!

The cypress multch could be one reason.....that’s not a suitable invert substrate.
Old age could be a reason.
Stress could be a reason, especially since cypress multch doesn’t make for very good burrows.
Toxins in the container either from the substrate or other sources.
Parasitic prey.
There could be many reasons for it.

01/24/07  12:01am


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  Message To: Dmetz   In reference to Message Id: 1145443

 My emp just died!

My condolences, my 8 baby emps mother died in my hand about a month after she had the kids. I know they’re "just scorpions" as one jerk put it to me, but they’re special to us. Like I said, my sincere condolences.

01/24/07  02:58am


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  Message To: Rangus   In reference to Message Id: 1145558

 My emp just died!

if one of my scorpions died in my hand especially a mother, it would shatter my spirit.

01/24/07  09:43am

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