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 Pinkie rodents

when you feed a scorpion a bigger meal than what he would usually eat (a pinkie rat / mouse compared to a cricket) would this make him fast and stop eating for a number of days?

Do scorpions fast?

Do scorpions have a high / low metabolizism rate?

Does bigger food mean they will grow any faster than regular size food?

01/10/07  10:46am


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  Message To: BallPython2   In reference to Message Id: 1127623

 Pinkie rodents

Generally scorpions wonít eat mice unless they are live...which poses its own risk. In addition, a scorpion, unlike a tarantula, is likely to not except very large prey and thus, a pink might be a waste of time for some scorpions.

Typically yes, the larger the meal or the more often the scorpion is fed, the less likely it is to eat later on and the fatter it will get.
I donít know about growth rate though. Iím not certain if it is the same as power feeding tarantulas or not so I wonít say yes or no to that one.

01/10/07  06:41pm

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