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 Body parts

Usually online i can find a good size picture of a a reptile or any other animal Iím researching.

However I was looking for one of a scorpion (the general design of one) thatís like a good size picture and on the picture it has lines pointing to outside body parts of a scorpion and the name of those body parts. I realize that this unique animal doesnít have many parts.

Before I get into the caring of a scropion I want to know the genereal outline of the body. I want to know everything besides the what scorpions are famous for which is the stinger and the pinchers.

I canít even tell where the eyes are at on my emperor scorpion.

So if anyone has a good link with a picture with detailed words describing body parts that would really help. thanks

01/09/07  07:34pm


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  Message To: BallPython2   In reference to Message Id: 1126816

 Body parts

Ask and you shall recieve!
Dorsal (Top)
Ventral (Bottom)
Glossery of Terms
Sexing Scorpions

01/10/07  06:51pm


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  Message To: Dmetz   In reference to Message Id: 1128154

 Body parts

dmetz, thanks for the links.

however, the sexing of scorpion links I didnít really get how those pictures would help me sex my scorpion so could you tell me of the way it should be done?

I have a walhbergii and a Pandinus imperator

01/11/07  09:25am

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