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 The difference

The difference between vemous and poisonous is how each is giving to the victim or predator?

Like if you have to get injected by it via a stinger or by fangs or just by your skin beign chewed on (gila monster and komodo dragon I think) This makes them venomous correct?

And if its poisionous its usually by way of screction like most frogs give off like the cane toad and the posion arrow dart frog.

Am I correct with my information? IF I am not someone please correct me.

01/05/07  05:28pm


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  Message To: BallPython2   In reference to Message Id: 1120949

 The difference

Ummm, I *think* so....
Itís been a while since Iíve delved into that aspect of things, Iíll have to go and refresh my memory again.

I know that frogs are poisonous rather than venomous and I believe that komodos have been classified as venomous...but donít quote me on that.

01/05/07  06:36pm

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