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Esio_Cahamee   Dmetz  
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 Safe or not

me and my freinds were getting very sleepy so we let a emperor scorpion sting us to wake us up

it worked very well, but is it safe to do it again

01/05/07  04:27pm


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  Message To: Esio_Cahamee   In reference to Message Id: 1120863

 Safe or not

Well, I suppose thatís better than popping pills!
Safe, yes, only because P. imperator venom wonít kill ya, wise, no.
It is never a good idea to entice a scorpion to sting, that stresses them out big time. This species is not big on using its tail and to agitate it to the point of actually stinging is..well...mean.

01/05/07  04:41pm

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