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 What else do i need

I use eco earth for my substrate for my emperor scorpion and i have a 5 gallon tank heating pad on one side of the tank and i got a water bowl and one hide.

also i got 2 - 3 crickets in there with cricket food that also as liquid in it.

Am i missing anything?

01/04/07  09:12pm


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 What else do i need

You donít want to feed the crickets in the scorpionís container. Crickets breed very rapidly and youíll find yourself over run with pinheads that can nibble on your scorpion.
Prey should not be left in with the scorpion for more than 24 to 48 hours. If it is not eaten by then, remove it and try again after a few days.

Eco earth is ok as a substrate, but isnít the best medium for burrowing in. You might want to either change that out or mix it with peat moss.
Make sure you have enough substrate for the scorpion to burrow in. I generally like to put 2 hides in for each scorpion...but thatís me.

01/04/07  11:59pm

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