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 Very Concerned About my Emp

A few days ago my younger brother got a hold of my young female emporer scorpion who is 2in in length and mistangly put her into the cage of my much bigger and aggresive asian forrest scorps. cage. He attacked her and crushed her pincer arm. when i found her she had no movement of her right pincer arm and she has lost her usual aggresiveness when ever i reach in her cage. but she seems to be in good health other than that. right now shes living with two other female emps wich are the same age. i am uncertain with what i should do for her, how will she trap her food with one usable arm, should i feed her by herself to make sure she eats?

01/01/07  09:22pm


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  Message To: Pyrus   In reference to Message Id: 1115416

 Very Concerned About my Emp

Put her in her own container. With an injury, the other imperators might view her as a weak link/food sourse and kill her.
Feed her as you normally would and just watch her to see if she’s able to eat. If she seems to be having problems catching her food fast enough, remove some legs from the prey so they can not move so quickly.

01/02/07  08:26pm

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