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Princess Debbie
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 Aggressive Emperor

I have an emperor scorpion who i have had for a week now. i do not intend to handle it as I dont want to stress it out. but when i clean out any mess from the tank or remove the water bowl to change the water it stands defensively and often actualy goes for my hand with either its nippers or its stinger. is this normal??? I was given the scorpion by a friend of my parents who could no longer look after it, he kept it in with other emperors, could it possibly be pregnant and thats why its aggressive? I have never kept a scorpion before and would appreciate any advice as a lot of the information on the net contradicts itself and its hard to know whats correct and whats not. Any Help would be much appreciated!

12/27/06  01:58pm


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  Message To: Princess Debbie   In reference to Message Id: 1108426

 Aggressive Emperor

could you post a picture of it. it might be pregnant.

12/27/06  02:38pm


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  Message To: PythonMan   In reference to Message Id: 1108463

 Aggressive Emperor

Tell us about what its container is like.
How much and what kind of substrate is in there and how many hides does it have?

No, that is not typical of P. imperator, generally they just hang out in their burrows or under their hides and wait for some poor, unsuspecting cricket to cross their path.

12/28/06  01:05am

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