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 When to feed

should you feed them day time or night

11/29/06  03:36pm


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  Message To: Hog   In reference to Message Id: 1077269

 When to feed

you should be able to feedem when they are out and walking around their tank,or you could just throw sokme crickets in there and itíll get em.

11/30/06  01:29am


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  Message To: PythonMan   In reference to Message Id: 1077857

 When to feed

I generally feed in the eveings or early mornings. Scorpions are nocturnal so they are more likely to be out and about after the rest of the world goes to sleep.
Yes, they will find their food no matter what time you feed them so itís really up to you...whenever you have the time.

12/01/06  02:07pm

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