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is it normal for emps to just hide out in there coconut shell all day?

and are they alright to hold or will they sting or pinch you?

11/23/06  07:29pm


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yes emperors are nocturnal, so most of the time they will hide all day, you might be able to hold yer emperor but you have to get it used to you first er else it will pinch and sting you.

11/24/06  11:54am


Tanya C
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From what i have read around, they do not like direct uv light,ergo, being nocturnal.

It is very common for them to stay in their hides all day, like mentioned above.
As for picking them up, I have had mine about 6 days now. He has allowed me to hold him a few times, i got stung once, I got startled and it freaked him out.

The sting wasnt too bad, it itched a bit but that is about it.

I watched a program on national geographics about scorpions,emps being one of the species they convered, and found that they can control how much venim they choose to release when they sting, so, i took mine as a little warning signal.

He is still ok to pick up and doesnt seem to mind it, i dont hold him for exessive periods of time. Just long enough to say hello and check in.

I try to use baretones when i speak with him, as he picks up the vibrations better

just my input of the info i have :)


11/25/06  02:42pm


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  Message To: Tanya C   In reference to Message Id: 1072488


As the saying goes, "a happy emp is an invisible emp". Of course that goes for a lot of tarantulas also.
If they are happy, they will stay in their hides/burrows, thatís just what they do. When they are hungry, they will come out to hunt.

As for handling, Iíd have to say, each to his own, but just remember that scorpions are *not* domestic animals and they *can not* be "tamed" or "trained". They can be spooked easily, as has been proven, and also remember that every time a scorpion is removed from the safety and security of their homes, they get stressed out and yes, they *can* have little scorpy heart attacks and die from the stress......
So, I think that leads to one final question.
Whatís more important, our human entertainment at the risk of being pinched or stung (no matter how much or little it may hurt) and possibally injuring and/or killing the scorpion...or....leaving it alone to live happily in its home where it is comfortable and relaxed?

12/01/06  04:01pm

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