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 5.5 to small?

is a 5.5 to small of a living space for a emperor?

11/19/06  11:19pm


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  Message To: Pxaxgxoxdxa   In reference to Message Id: 1066531

 5.5 to small?

yeah you need atleast a ten gallon.

11/20/06  10:44pm


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  Message To: PythonMan   In reference to Message Id: 1067780

 5.5 to small?

No, it is *not* too small for one adult imp.
While a 10 gallon is ok as well, it is a waste of space for a single scorpion. It makes finding prey more difficult, makes maintence more difficult, maintaing proper temps and humidity more difficult, etc. If you had a pair, then yes, a 10 would be necessary but for one, a 5.5 is perfect.

12/01/06  04:27pm

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