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 Where did it go?

I have always loved scorpions. Deciding I finally was going to get some, I reserched up the wazoo on the care for emperor scorpions. I have had my little babies a little over a week now. One I believe to be a male, and the other a female. The female looking extremely fat, or pregnant, has had herself buried under a log for most of this past week. I know she is still alive, I see her move if I put the uv light on her. I saw her eating the night after I brought her home. She was EXTREMELY hostile towards another scorp that I had in the tank with her, but she doesn’t seem to mind the male. Is something wrong? The humidity is around 80-85%, while the temp goes between 76-82 degrees. If any one can help me, I would apreciate it very much!

11/18/06  02:36am


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 Where did it go?

What other scorpion did you have in there besides the male?
When using light to see them, use either a flash light or, preferably a black light. Scorpions *hate* light and, since they see much better than tarantulas, the light, no matter how little of it they are exposed to, bugs them and they will try to move away from it. They can not see black lights but glow quite nicely under them, so, when wanting to see her, use something less offensive to their eyes. Just *donít* put a black light on them all the time, it can give them a sunburn of sorts.

She may be gravid or she may be just acclimating to her surroundings. Fat doesnít always mean gravid, but, of course, it can.

12/01/06  04:32pm

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