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 My new Emperor Scorpion

Hi all

This is my new addition to my Invert collection. The pet shop thinks she may be pregnant but as everyone knows you never get good advise from a pet. Im not sure if shes a she or if she is fat or pregnant.

Any help or advise anyone can offer would be greatful

Shes lovely

Thanks!!!!!!! If you need a closer pic i wil ltry and get one

10/22/06  02:51pm


Basilisk boy
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 My new Emperor Scorpion


11/04/06  05:45am


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 My new Emperor Scorpion

if it is preg, you will be able to see little babies along her side soon. however, being a pet store, i wouldnt count on it. in order to tell if it is a male, generally a look at the pectines will help. however, sometimes you need a shot of a guaranteed male/female to be 100%

11/04/06  01:45pm

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