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 Im Lost......

I Bought my emporor scorpion a week ago ...he ate the day I got him 1 cricket.....and hasent eaten since im worried.....and today when I checked on him he didnt get defencive at all or put his tail up as usual....he seems lifeless and is moving very very slowly.....I concidered he may be cold because we are entering the winter months here in PA so i have him on a heat pad now...on a low setting...what could be wrong??

10/21/06  05:46am


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  Message To: CaV8   In reference to Message Id: 1030291

 Im Lost......

many many things

first, scorpions can go weeks if not months without eating

things that could be wrong :

husbandry~ what are your temps and humidity? substrate? could we see a cage pic?

also, if it was store bought, it could be old, sick, have parasites, etc.

10/21/06  05:23pm

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