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Snake head
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 Looking for a scorpion

im into the lizards but a scorpion sounds cool! im 11 so id like something on the calm side. also whatever scorpions you tell me about, could i have some general info. Maybe pics? thanx alot!!!!!!!

(by the way u guys could call me nick!)

10/09/06  07:23pm


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 Looking for a scorpion

hey! no camera sorry, the most common, one you could buy at a local pet store would be either a desert hairy or an emperor. my favorite beginner you could get your hands on would be a israeli gold. very nice, and huge claws! google the pics and once you see a good one, ask for care BEFORE you buy it. i have had over 15 years with each of those three. whatever people tell you, seldom handle them. it stresses them out and a fall from 10 inches could kill them.

10/09/06  09:50pm

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