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Calilover07   Schermy  

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 Can’t find any newts. Help

I live in Southern California but I can’t find any newts anywhere. I wanted to keep a California newt so I went look at a creek (Walnut Park Creek) and didn’t find anything. I also can’t find any to purchase online either. I would also want a red eft but they are not in my area. Anyone know where I can find one not too far from Glendora/San Dimas area

02/07/17  07:48am


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 Can’t find any newts. Help

I Live in south cali too. same problem no newts or amphibians. I decided to go looking for the Garden Slender Salamander so I headed to Orange County and drove all over the place and everywhere is illegal to collect. finally ran into a ranger who told me to go to Trabuco Park and between me and one other person we caught 6 (the limit is 4 each person fishing license is required). I’m currently trying to commercialize this species with the CDFW

04/18/17  09:46pm

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