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Apple123   Crotus  

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 Red spotted salamender

how do i take care of a red spotted salamander? What does it eat? What tempurature does it like, etc...

10/08/13  08:51pm


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 Red spotted salamender

I think you mean red-spotted newts... if so, these are semiaquatic and need an aqua-terrarium with a shallow water area for swimming and a land area with some clumps of moss, flat shale rocks, etc, to hide under... They eat very small crickets and earthworms either on land or in the water. When they are on land however, they are kind of slow to catch their prey so it may help to dangle it in front of them on a piece of straw. They like high humidity but cool temperatures (70s) so do well in an air-conditioned room, out of direct sunlight.

12/19/13  03:17pm

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