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Snakes_are_awesome   Buliki  

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 New to salamanders need help!

hello i just go 2 salamanders today and i believe there called slimy salamanders. ive never had salamanders before just snakes and lizards. so what is the basic care for these little guys? and can u post up some pics of your cages please and thank u

09/11/11  07:16pm


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  Message To: Snakes_are_awesome   In reference to Message Id: 2236550

 New to salamanders need help!

Alright well for starters they need 3/4 water so 1/4 land like a turtle dock would be fine filter, plants, gravle nothing small enough to swallow, blood worms do great feeding that’s what I feed my fire belly newts plus some crickets here and there to Chang up his diet provide a hiding place just like reptiles they will get stressed leading to a shorter life there like lizards except they are fully aquabetic you can also keep it with guppies in the water. That’s how my tank is except I also have fire bellie toads but I wouldent do it with your type of newt I think I got the basics oh and temperature should be 60 to 75 degrees have fun with your new pet/freind :-)

01/06/12  08:04am

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