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Zenmetsu   Posted5   Britt9211  

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 My new tiger salamander

Just thought that I’d throw out a few pics of my newest buddy. Judging from the bulges by the cloaca, I would say that this is a male. Not sure of the subspecies.

This is also my first amphibian. I do not know the previous owner. Having seen tiger salamanders in the wild, I would have to say that this is the biggest one I’ve ever seen. Kinda curious if he’s a bit on the chunky side or not; I know that they can become obese if fed pinkies too often. I’ve tried feeding him earthworms, but he just digs them up, plays with them and refuses to eat them. He will eat crickets though.

08/17/11  06:49pm


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 My new tiger salamander

I think hes cool.He mite be a subspecies from texas or the south,im not sure/

08/17/11  09:22pm


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  Message To: Posted5   In reference to Message Id: 2233167

 My new tiger salamander

He looks like he has a huge smile :)

01/04/12  02:18am

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