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 Fire Bellied Newt Questions

I have had my two fire bellies for about a year and a half ( they were already mature when i bought them) in a ten gallon tank. They are very territorial and almost always attack each other when they see each other. I am pretty sure they are Chineese, acording to size, skin texture and rounded tail, but they might be something else considering I got them at a pet store. They have not injured each other, mostly because the tank is split in half by plants. My main question is : Are they both females, males, or one of each. My other question is : Are they Chinese FBNs, or another type.

I am sure I have not provided you guys with enough info to tell, but can you please supply me with specifics to help me sex/tell which breed i have got.


08/01/11  02:07pm


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 Fire Bellied Newt Questions

I cant suggest ways to tell. Chinese and Japanese fire bellies are quite similiar but i would just compare to pictures online from knowledgable sites.

As far as the territorial issue. Odds are two males. Usually two females arent as aggressive towards each other and a male/female ratio is more of an attempted mating issue.

Simple suggestion is either separate them into different tanks or keep it completely separate to ensure one newt doesnt hurt the other. Regardless of species. If they are aggressive towards each other they should be split.


10/03/11  06:54pm

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