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i am still looking for any unwanted salamanders.

05/10/11  10:04pm


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Well, as I said before, I think it would be better if you save up a little money and buy your salamanders from a dealer... they are professionals when it comes to shipping and will guarantee live arrival because they want your repeat business. You have to realize that animals like this are extremely delicate and cannot tolerate high temperatures for very long, so the only safe way of shipping them is an overnight special delivery, which is rather costly ($35 or so on average in my experience); because of this, not too many individuals who are not dealers would want to do it at their own expense.

Additionally, if you buy from a dealer, you’ll be getting good, healthy specimens, not just ones that somebody doesn’t want. I have dealt with some other dealers (generalexotics, reptilesncritters, some others), but think Reptile City offers the best deal because they’ll do free overnight shipping on orders of at least $100.

05/11/11  12:57pm

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