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 Can you mix F.B.Ns with F.B.Ts

just wondering if you can keep fire bellied newts and toads together in the same setup.

09/09/10  06:06pm


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  Message To: SK8bomb   In reference to Message Id: 2174645

 Can you mix F.B.Ns with F.B.Ts

No, I definitely don’t recommend mixing them. Many people do mix them without knowing better, but it’s not really a good idea for several reasons.
One is that FBTs have skin secretions that can be toxic to other species (although not to each other), and so they are best housed by themselves. They do enjoy each others’ company however...

Another reason is that FBNs are more mellow creatures with daintier feeding habits, and the greedy FBNs would likely rob them of their food. In fact, FBTs are so voracious in their feeding habits, they might even try to eat a small FBN...

Also, FBNs are slightly more delicate creatures in general, and can be susceptible to fungal diseases that quickly can kill them if everything is not very clean. FBTs are tougher, more boisterous creatures that can sometimes quickly make a mess by hopping in and out of the water all the time...

I keep both species myself and find them both to make very interesting pets, but for the reasons I have outlined above, advise that you set up a separate tank for each species. Both, however, are social and can live happily in groups of their own species.

09/12/10  04:39pm


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  Message To: Crotus   In reference to Message Id: 2175138

 Can you mix F.B.Ns with F.B.Ts

Oh I really wish I haven’t mixed both because I have problems with my FBT Shmanky attacking Shwanky my FBN. I really thought because I knew so much information about the two species I could put them in the same terrarium. Not because someone told me to. I did it because I only have one of each species and didn’t want any of them to be lonely. I can’t afford hardly anything I’m literally that poor. I can’t even afford a pet cat or dog and all I could afford were cheap amphibians. How I got my tank and other supplies was through someone elses garbage I washed it thoroughly. I kept washing the tank all throughout the week into I was surely I could put in pets without them getting sick. The tank was in perfect condition no cracks not even a sign of a scratch was on it. I could never afford buying a tank at the pet store so expensive. I wish some things were a little cheaper at least. Now I see I have a problem with both my amphibians. Shwanky the FBN hasn’t eaten in almost four days and refuses to eat it doesn’t matter what size or how much I dangle it in front of him. Whenever I try to feed Shmanky the FBT attacks Shwanky biting him by the little pathetic tiny arms... I didn’t think for one second that FBTs would be such pigs! The poor baby newt I think is either terrorized by the frog and is being starved out or he’s sick. I clean out the tank as best as I can to keep it as clean as an be. My newt was very lively at first but now is very sluggish. I feel sad for my poor baby amphibian. What can I do? What can I do now that I know it was a bad idea of mixing two species together? I need help.

02/17/16  05:34am

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