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 Whats the difference?

I live in W Washington state and all of a sudden I have all these little baby critters crawling all over my patio (along with the baby tree frogs that are the size of pinto beans! CUTE!). One person said they are salamanders and another said, ’nope, those are newts’. How do I tell the difference? These little guys are a rust colored, have four toes on the front, five on the back and their head is strangely large in comparison to their bodies. Their bodies are slender but with a bulgy belly. The head is kind of triangle shaped and looks slightly flattened. Their skin is bumpy. There was another one that I have only seen one of, but he was black and his tail was flat and thin, vertically, if ya know what I mean. I have only seen one of those and he didn’t look too healthy cause his tail was leathery and I put him in the flowerbed that is real moist thinking maybe he had gotten dried out or something. I am not an aquarium owner, I just want to know what is hatching/being born around my house so I can accurately tell my kids what we are looking at.

10/18/09  06:07am


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  Message To: Dutchharbor10   In reference to Message Id: 2085383

 Whats the difference?

I think those are newts by the way you described them but post pics so people can see what the look like.

10/18/09  12:06pm


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  Message To: Ampibidood   In reference to Message Id: 2085456

 Whats the difference?

look up "amphibians of Washington" then look at the different species of sals and newts and come to a conclusion

cant help without colors and what not, you arent being specific enough

although newts have bumpy skin and sals dont, so I would say they are most likely of the Taricha genus

10/19/09  09:55pm


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  Message To: Dane_Zoo   In reference to Message Id: 2086157

 Whats the difference?

newts are most like what you described, so i would go with newts. the one you put in the flowerbed wasn’t
sick, he was just well.. a newt

10/17/10  08:39pm

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