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 Whats needed to breed feeder mice?

hi, i have a large monitor and im tired of spending money on mice. i was wondering if anyone here would know whats needed to breed the mice. i have the space. my lizard eats atleast a mouse a day. so its around 60 bucks a month. would the stuff needed to breed and feed the mice be worth it? would the number of mice get out of control? fyi my monitor is still growing and amount of food needed will greatly increase. thanks

08/26/12  01:10am


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 Whats needed to breed feeder mice?

I Have 2 Salvatore so i know how you feel. from what i have looked into if your monitor will get large rats mite be a better choice they seem to grow large and faster this will be a more filling meal for your reptile as it gets larger. according to that it takes 4-6 weeks to get as large as a 2-3 week old rat.

As far as what is needed here’s a simple list
1 male rat to 1-3 female rats ratio
something to keep the rats in
good environmental conditions
that’s the basics from there people do things different but the majority of reptile keepers go for a rack system like some people use for snakes. making your own will save you hundreds of $$$ i just made mine out of some plastic drawers at walmart chicken wire to make sure they cant eat the plastic and bedding drill some holes put food on the wire top so they can eat water bottle ect you got a rodent rack

after that i have 3 tubs the top one is were the males are kept with the females
next one is to hold prego/ moms
next is to hold weaned rats so they can grow bigger

if you want to stick with mice a set up like that would work for them as well i think.
check out you tube for more info and ideas lots of ppl post vids.

11/01/12  12:42pm

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