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 My mice WON’T breed!

I’ve tried everything. All the ratios, different temps, mice from different places and everything. I’ve gone through hundreds of mice, but I’ve only gotten three litters, and two were already pregnant when I got them. I need pinkies for my small snakes, but nothing else. My rats are breeding like crazy and making me so proud, but my mice are just eating and getting fat. I’m going to get some asfrs soon, but the pinky bill is high. Any ideas? And, some of my snakes won’t take frozen, so that’s not an option right this minute. Thanks

07/29/12  01:06am


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  Message To: Sandboaking   In reference to Message Id: 2274839

 My mice WON’T breed!

I had a tough time getting started too...fighting / killing each other ...eating the pinkies. My rats do so much better. But my 2 week old corns need pinkie mice ...mine will prefer live but eat frozen thawed when they are might take a bit longer by about a week , but the snake won’t starve itself.

last year i HATCHED OUT SOME AND they all ate eventually..

08/03/12  05:40am


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2275479

 My mice WON’T breed!

I have no problem feeding frozen, but the bill’s expensive if I can’t freeze my own. And, I have a couple sand boas that have refused frozen for long periods, and they’re just babies.

08/04/12  11:55pm


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  Message To: Sandboaking   In reference to Message Id: 2275659

 My mice WON’T breed!

I started with 10 gallon tanks...eventually all those fought/ killed each other off. Died of the dreaded coughing / wheezing from the previous seller...maybe stress.
2 males 6 females...1 tank, Room temps 75-79F...wheel water bottle ...plenty of grain / seeds / pellets/ bread and some table scraps as treats.

Later I bought new stock ...and checked for the typical breathing patterns (chattering)and respiratory disease.
My friend over in the next neighborhood had plenty of mice for me to choose from , which he raises for his hawk and snakes.
it’s fall now and I built a shed during the summer, 8x12 insulated and tile floors ...above ground on post and beam. With heat/ electrical power and gravity water system....for the mice rack and rat racks...they are doing good now. I have whole litters growing up and getting to the speeder size before I separate and divide...I sell a lot of males off and keep most of the females. I use a rodent block made for rats and mice cheap as I can get 17.00 per 50.00 lb
I do not use Mazurri....too much money ...32.00 per 50lb.

During the winter I maintain temps above freezing ...50-55F maybe slightly higher during sunny days.

I live in Salt Lake , Utah ...very close to downtown and just 60 minutes away from the ski resorts. It gets plenty cold here ...

The shed holds heat very well, so the radiant heater shuts off by itself at 55-60F

I don’t keep track of the families and females ...I just wait to see fat ones ready to pop and keep an eye out for the size of the litter...if they are not 10-12 strong I know the momma is getting old.

After 4-5 matings they are done and breeding is very unproductive. They get fed off or retired and frozen.
As a community group they don’t kill the young ...even the males help out and rear the babies ...95% of the time they all get along. The other 5 % I will intervene and usually have to find the killer and dispatch. Even the momma might be a bad mom.

2012 spring / summer

Daing it is hot and the AC unit is always on in the shed. Food remains as the rat / rodent block...litters are growing and I have 6 drawers going...but new litters are few due to the heat...some pregnant mice are starting to show this week...waiting for pinkies to feed my new corn snakes.

No frills, just food and water...occasional bread for treats...maybe some crackers. Drawers are typical plastic tubs about as deep as a silverware drawer and shorter. I big drawer on the bottom holds the community and I pull pregnant moms and a few siblings to occupy the upper drawers.

Once in a great while I get a dead one ...cant see fighting or any trace of fights...maybe the heat takes out a weak one or 2.

The rats co exist in the same shed just a foot or 2 away in much larger drawers and rack systems. 100’s maybe 200 + rats as they explode every 30-40 days with new litters. Pinkies are the size of a speedster mouse (just past hopper stage) and pups are as big as a large mouse in about 2-3 weeks

Maybe I am lucky ...IDK , but I learned by doing and a few web sites I read. They like the dark. Try keeping them in dim light , try 1 male and 5-6 females.

Just keep at it will happen ....get newer younger stock. Large pet store mice are probably not the best...too old.

08/08/12  11:01pm

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