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 How many days till food?

My girlfriends snake decided not to eat a pinky. I thought I would see if it was possible for for me to get him on solid food without him dying. So far I have him drinking cat milk and pooping multiple times a day for the last five days. He hasn’t lost any weight and although i know its a stretch he seems to be doing alright. If he does end up making it when do mice get weaned to solid food. The last couple of days he has grown into fuzzie stage so i would assume he is around a week and a half?

Thanks for a response

07/23/11  06:11pm


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 How many days till food?

If you can ...use soy milk ...start by mixing 50/50 with what you use now..then convert to 100% soy in short order. Much better for the digestive tract. Even after they open their eyes they will need soy ..... once they start hopping around / crawling rapidly you can offer cereal and bread pieces ...also soaked in soy for moisture as needed.
3 weeks..
They will die easily if you only offer solid foods at this stage...always offer some bread which is soaked with soy or water. Eventually you can start diluting the soy with more and more water..until they are switched over...about 4-6 weeks

I use oatmeal /rice crispies/unsweetened cheerios/wheaties/ corn flakes/and puffed wheat to make a salad of cereal ..mixed in a tub. The bread is offered separately and fresh

09/14/11  08:53pm

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