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 Rat Tumor

My 2 and a half fancy rat, Chloe is sick. She started to get very briitle and she sleeps all the time. She also is getting more bony down her back. So yesterday we gave her a lot of water. She gained a lot of weight in just like one week and we though she was fat. Right now she’s at the vet. Does anyone know what is sounds like? Also if its a tumor, how much will it cost to remove? What can I do to the other rats to prevent tumors on them too? Any extra information please add. I hope my baby makes it...I am just a kid under 12 btw so if I sound dumb or like a baby.

01/27/11  04:59pm


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 Rat Tumor

Sadly female rats are very prone to mammary is quite expensive 50-100.00 depending to have them removed and they can grow back.

Tumors normally develope on the underside where she feeds her babies ...around the teats. I had a female rat that had a tumor the size of herself almost...looked like a twin growing, and she lived a long time. But sadly there came a day when she was so impaired from it she couldn’t get around anymore so we put her to sleep and buried her outside.
Female rats are used for cancer study/ research just for this reason ...they get tumors easily.

Ohhh, they are considered old at 2.5 years and probably only live to 3.5 at best. I have an old male daddy that I will be sad to see go he was the start up of it all.


02/01/11  11:55am


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2202409

 Rat Tumor

She passéd away last night and I, so sad. I’m under 12. And my sister wrote a poem for her ( my sister is 12 and she is an amazing poet here’s the poem)

So Brave

you brave the night
The final ends flight
You make the final days a song
To remember for so long
As if nothing different
Still, ur final moments sent
In this wintry time you will leave us
But till then we will laugh and then we will cry
While you dance so freely in the sky

02/01/11  05:45pm

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